Nowadays it is not so difficult to find Polish mail order brides at databases of matrimonial bureaus and dating websites. More and more foreigners seek for eastern European brides because they are smart and beautiful. If you are one of them then you may be interested in Poland. It is not a very large country that is located in the heart of Europe in the south of the Baltic Sea. It has picturesque nature and rich architectural ancestry which makes it a suitable place for vocation. Due to a long and complicated history, Polish people have overcome different times and now it is a prosperous country. Moreover, it can become a place where you will find your future Polish wife.

Polish Women

Why Polish Brides are So Beautiful?

Many foreigners are curious why every Polish mail order bride, which they see at databases of marriage services and online matching sites are very beautiful. One of the reasons is ancestors. Mostly Polish brides have Slavs roots, which are mixed with traits of other European nationalities. There is a theory in which a combination of different ancestors can provide better qualities of physical appearance. As a result, you can find Polish women for marriage at matrimonial agencies that have long legs but they are not so tall. The hair color varies from blonde to brown. When it comes to eyes, they can be of any shades but green and blue are predominant. Speaking about the figure they rather slim than plum, however, you may easily encounter gorgeous curvy women.

Another reason for them to have so wonderful profile photos in catalogs at matrimonial agencies is that their appearance. Polish brides receive their natural beauty for granted but they also keep it in proper shape. A great number of them prefer to lead a sporty and healthy lifestyle by attending the gym. As a result, a slight amount of makeup and they are ready to go out for a date. Moreover, Polish brides have nice style states. With a proper combination of clothes, you simply cannot remain silent and not say compliments when meeting them. On another side, having such a wife means that you may also change a bit of your style. She will not allow you to go out to an important even in an old pair of jeans.

Polish Singles At Matrimonial Agencies

It may be strange for you to see future Polish wives online at some matrimonial bureaus and marriage services. However, it is true that a great number of them have decided to trust such services in order to find love. Here are several reasons for this.

More women than men. Polish population is not so vast and it turned out that a little bit more than half of them are women. It means that every Polish bride has fewer chances of meeting some decent men because they are occupied or do not match them. As a solution, matrimonial agencies can offer a vast choice of grooms.

Want to find true love. As they are less interested in money, true love is a reason to become a Polish bride for sale. As matrimonial services have profiles of different people, they may investigate their databases in order to find a person, which will match expectations. When both people are interested in each other at the beginning, it makes it simpler to develop some further relationships.

Nationality is not important. Polish brides do not mind meeting foreigners regardless of ethnicity and nationality. Many foreigners prefer to use matrimonial bureaus as it saves time. Such international relationships can be quite interesting and exciting for both people.

Busy at work. To find a person, which may interest you and become your love require a lot of time. You need to attend social different places to try your chances. Not every Polish bride can afford that because of work. Even with strong family bonds, it is common for them to become independent soon. Marriage service is a great way to help them as they may choose to start dating and even learn something about the person in advance.

Polish Women

The Common Character Traits of Polish Girls For Marriage

The very first thing, which you notice while seeing Polish women for marriage is their appearance. They are definitely beautiful, but if you want to find a person for serious relationships you will pay attention to different their side. As each person is unique it also about special features of personality. In order to understand that both people are compatible, they try to get to know each other. Matrimonial agencies can show you the profile of a single woman. However, if you are want to try to use an online dating service or have a rendezvous offline, learning some common traits may be a great help. Therefore, we have created a list of what you may expect from Polish brides. You need to remember that these are just common features while each person may be very different.

Family Oriented

Due to cultural and religious traditions, when it comes to family Polish brides rather conservative. They want to care about each member to make everyone happy. While having children with one of them you may not worry about upbringing. Your Polish bride will put all her efforts into that. She will also care about you with her wonderful cooking skills. You will be able to eat common Slavic dishes that are very delicious. As family bonds are important, you will need to meet with her quite often during important celebrations and holidays. It also means that you will become a part of their family that will support you when it is needed.

Highly Educated

Education in Poland always at a high level as the government understands how important it is to provide proper education to everyone. That is why you could hear of some Polish Noble prizewinners from, which are not men but women. While checking women at some Polish wife finder you will notice that most of them have higher education degrees and occupation. As they are no restrictions on professions, girls also may occupy almost any place according to their diploma. Moreover, women occupy prestigious positions in parliament and men even support them. Proper education also means that you may not have trouble in communicating with them. The English Language is studied in most schools and they know it at a pretty good level. If your mother tongue is different, you still have chances to get a Polish bride. Many of them study several foreign languages.


While attending some party and waiting for Polish brides, you may imagine them as genuine ladies on high heels. Reality is a bit different. When it is not an important event, they also want to relax. Casual clothes with a small amount of makeup are what you may expect. It is more convenient for them to join a company at evening stroll or staying at some pub. Another side of this character trait is that you may not afraid of approaching them. Polish brides are friendly and like to meet and talk with new people.


Polish brides are very romantic and you can notice that this is mentioned in most of their profiles at catalogs of marriage bureaus. It does not mean that you need to always read a poem for them and bring flowers. Even sitting together and watching some movies may be a very lovely way for that.


While choosing a girl to date form catalogs of matrimonial agencies and marriage services, you will notice hospitality as a character trait. Polish brides are proud of their culture and country and they will show it to you in different ways. They are very welcoming people who want you to try their national cuisine. There you will be able to try some common Slavic dishes and special Polish meals. Do not forget to eat everything from your plate and compliment the person who has prepared it if you want to show your good manners.


While reviewing profiles of Polish brides at matrimonial agencies you will notice that most of them are religious. Almost all Poland population are Catholics and it greatly resembles in their lifestyle. Wedding ceremony at the church is what most of all these girls dream about. They are not so conservative what means you will not feel the pressure if you have different views.

Tips On Dating Polish Women


In Poland dating culture while meeting a girl, you should not forget to give a handshake. It may be not common for you, especially if you used to spend some time in Latin countries. If you would try to kiss her chick, some of them may consider it rude.

Forget About Stereotypes

Polish brides know about all stereotypes, which people say around them. Most of them are not true. If you want to make a good impression, try to learn something interesting from Polish history.


Nowadays the tendency of giving gifts is much more complicated. You need always to think about what will be the best option. Very expensive gifts at the beginning of relationships may not be understood properly. Giving anything cheap also will not work. While checking the personal file of Polish bride from catalogs at matrimonial agencies, you should pay attention to her preferences and hobbies. There you may find the right answer.

Proper Manners

As Polish brides are very romantic, you may try to impress them with the manners of real gentlemen while to have a rendezvous. All these small signs of attention like holding the door, giving a hand while she gets out of the car, taking her coat at the restaurant, etc. Additionally, a bouquet of nice flowers can make a good impression too.

To Sum Up

Finding a decent person for serious relationships is not always easy. Matrimonial agencies can offer you their databases of Polish brides to choose from. However, in order to develop some strong bonds you need to put effort.

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