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Russian mail order brides, deciding to find a husband from another country, aim not only at the arrangement of personal life but also at the improvement of the quality of life in general, remembering the stories of many former compatriots who have been living well in a new country for many years now with their foreign husband. Is it possible to find love via dating services, and how much does the Russian mail order bride cost?

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How Much Does It Cost For a Russian Bride?

The average price for a mail order bride range between 4ooo$ – 25000$. The same situation with costs for a Russian Ladies which may include traveling, communication, and other types of fees.

Buying a Russian Wife: What’s Behind It?

Russian women who knowingly decide to find a husband among foreigners are first encouraged to study this subject’s information offered by all kinds of foreign dating sites. Frequently, after reading tons of articles on dating sites, singles who still have some doubts change their minds and act decisively.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia became actively involved in international migration processes. Several factors contributed to this. First, the opening of borders triggered freedom of movement. Secondly, economic reforms in the early 1990s. As a result, the population’s living standard has fallen considerably, and people have gone abroad searching for a “better life.” Marriage migration is a reasonably specific phenomenon: it is first and foremost characterized by a gender imbalance in favor of women. According to expert estimates and foreign statistics, the vast majority of married emigrants (up to 98 percent) are women. It is possible to assess its extent only through expert assessments: one in three women who have moved to another country from Russia is involved in the conjugal migration channel.

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It has long been known that Americans have an exceptional attitude towards Slavic women. There is more to that than just a physical attraction. Stereotypically, for them, the Russian woman is a profound soul who especially admires her man, loves him, and takes care of him. Therefore, it’s more about meeting beautiful ladies via dating services and building your connection from a virtual date to genuine relationships. As it goes with most affairs, some expenses are on there along the way. So how much does a Russian bride cost?


To prevent confusion, the term “Russian brides cost” refers to your experience of acquainting Russian single females via dating sites and apps. Therefore, the following will disclose what expenses to expect along with this romantic adventure. 

Russian Order Bride Prices: Points To Consider

When you are calculating a Russian mail order wife cost, you need to take into consideration the cultural-formed preferences of courting. If you want to become a Russian lady‘s fiance, you need to follow some particular acts of mannerism.  

Check the Reliability of Dating Service

To ease your mind and wallet, make sure you are using a straightforward dating platform. Many of them encourage users to purchase a subscription to give extended search, matchmaking, and communication options. An average membership will cost you about 10-20$ per month. Some of the services provide you with a credit system or inner currency. It means you buy the platform’s credits or tokens to enable advanced features. You can also purchase a pack of tokens (or credits) at once. Often the prices are reasonable. For instance:

Usually, it is a matter of a couple of dollars per credit. However, you need to stay vigilant for unreliable dating platforms will post a Russian mail order wife price just to scam you out of money.

Send Her Flowers and Presents

Buying a Russian bride a present or flowers is a win-win option to make your way to her heart. Russian women are genuinely happy with gifts. However, it’s mutual joy. For a man, it is a kind of “gift ecstasy,” feel the energy of a woman’s happiness,  watch her delight — the result of his actions. Versions of virtual gifts meet all the requirements that apply to a familiar gift: 

Besides, many dating platforms provide their members with options of sending not only online presents but also offline ones. This is achieved through their cooperation with local flower shops and delivery services. The average price of the option starts from 35$ per bouquet. Show courtesy and chivalry. And make sure the bouquet you send her consists of an odd number of flowers (Russian brides believe that an even number of flowers will attract misfortune).

Take Her Out Offline 

Russian dating etiquette implies you are going out to a fancy restaurant or bar. It’s a one-size-fits-all solution — almost like cereal with milk for breakfast. On a romantic date, etiquette dictates that the bill is given to the man, and the man pays it. Our monetary behavior reflects our inner needs. Keep in mind that Russian women appreciate it when men take over the initiative and pay the whole bill. So if you expect your Russian doll will go Dutch, most likely, it’s not the option. The Russian girl, who was asked out by a man to a restaurant, overwhelmingly expects him to pay for it. It’s a common approach.  The man who silently took the bill, put a bank card or a few tips in it, without showing the girl exactly how much was there, is sure to get a big bonus to the total experience made on the date. Therefore, psychologists advise men to maintain the provider’s image, the generous protector, and the supporter to expect a second and third date with the Russian lady they like.

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Closing Thoughts

So how much are Russian mail order brides? Calculating the total includes many factors. It is worth considering all the expected costs: from the paid subscription on dating site where you met and ending with the payment of visa, insurance, and tickets when arranging a personal meeting. It is still common in Russia for a courting man who askes a lady out will pay for her. Of course, one can offer to split the costs in half, but there’s no guarantee that it won’t spoil the relationship’s romance. Some psychologists believe that if a man genuinely likes a girl very much, he is serious in his intentions, then the question of “paying for her or not” does not arise at all.


Can You Actually Order a Russian Bride?

There is an ongoing misconception that mail order brides are something you can actually purchase. While in fact, it is a long-established term for young female singles seeking their love on dating sites. So when you wonder, How much is a Russian bride to order? it is actually about your interactions via dating platforms and charges for their services.

How Much Does It Cost To Marry a Russian Woman?

If you have been married before, you know that a wedding ceremony's price depends on its format, venue rental, wedding gowns, the number of guests invited, catering, and the hired photographer and videographer. It is all a matter of your and your future spouse's preferences. It is worth considering that Russian brides love luxurious events. Therefore, consider this point when calculating the cost estimate.

How Much Does a Russian Wife Cost?

It is a matter of the prices on the dating sites for using their services. Each service has its own evaluation principles. Online dating sites can operate on the basis of advertising, paid subscriptions, or combinations thereof. Individual platforms offer the internal currency of the site — tokens. They are bought for real money and allow for increased interaction through additional means of communication. Their price can also be added to the Russian bride cost.